Alaska Business Insurance

After performing a detailed risk analysis, Barrett and Associates LLC will design an insurance program tailored specifically to your company’s needs that will match your risk management goals and lower your “Total cost of Risk”.

Examples of Business Insurance Include:

  • Workers Compensation
  • Property – Buildings, Business Contents
  • Course of Construction – Builders Risk
  • Inland Marine – contractors’ equipment
  • General & Product Liability
  • Professional/ Errors & Omission liability
  • Pollution & Pollution Liability
  • Underground Storage Tank Coverage
  • Automobile Liability & Physical Damage
  • Automobile Fleets
  • Truckers
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Garage Liability & Garage keepers
  • Auto Dealership
  • *

Certificates of Insurance:

When you need to provide proof of insurance to an outside party, for a contract, etc., simply give us a call, fax, or email providing the information for the certificate that you need and we will send it out as quickly as possible. [Click here to fill one out online]

Insurance Policy Review:

Barrett and Associates LLC will conduct a thorough review of each insurance policy we place, to verify the policy issued by the insurance company matches the coverage we negotiated and proposed to our client. As your company changes throughout the year, we will advise you on modifications needed to your insurance policies. Many of these changes can be easily communicated to us through a call, fax, or you can e-mail changes. We will be happy to assist you in modifying your coverage to fit your changing and growing business needs.

Contract Reviews:

Often various contracts you sign, in the course of your business, will contain clauses that make the contract invalid without property insurance coverage. We can review these contracts, recommend methods of lowering the risk associated with these contracts and provide feedback on the insurance sections of these agreements. We will suggest changes, where appropriate, to meet your contractual obligations. Our review is for insurance purposes only, and should neither be construed as legal advice nor as a substitute for review by your legal counsel.

Review of Lease Agreements:

Lease agreements are typically very one-sided contracts in favor of the landlords. We will review the insurance sections of your lease agreements to confirm whether your current coverage complies with the lease documents.

Review of Job Specifications:

It is extremely important to carefully review the indemnity/hold harmless and insurance sections of the general and supplemental conditions of construction-related contracts. When submitted to us, we will review these contracts, advising you of what areas of the contract are problematic from a risk management standpoint, the impact these requirements may have on the cost of insurance, and of wording with which your insurance coverage cannot comply.

Review of Subcontractor Agreements:

Whenever you hire a sub-contractor, it is important that your contract specifically states the insurance coverage and limits that they must maintain. We will review the insurance section of the sub-contract agreement that you currently use. We will pay special attention to the limits you require, additional insured requirements, and requirements of sub-subcontractors to maintain comparable coverage. We can also review your procedures for maintaining current certificates of insurance for all of your subcontractors and suppliers, and offer suggestions, if needed.

Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Management:

Your company’s experience modification factor has a tremendous impact on your Workers’ Compensation premium and insurability. We will explain the mechanics of the calculation and the factors affecting its outcome, to help you better understand and manage your experience modification.

Claims Management:

Coordinate and conduct claims review meetings as needed, with representatives from your company, your insurance company, and Barrett and Associates LLC. Assist in this process with past insurance carriers where open claims remain. Consult with adjusters to close or reduce reserves on open claims. Answer questions on specific claims or general claims-related issues.

Certificate of Insurance

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